Nevada Brothels See Big Payday in Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Mayweather McGregor Brothel

With the surprising news last night that the Floyd MayweatherConor McGregor pipe dream boxing match was actually going to take place, no doubt hundreds of Vegas and Nevada establishments got dollar signs in their eyes over the prospect.

That would include the infamous brothels sitting just outside Vegas.

According to TMZ, both Sheri’s Ranch and the BunnyRanch have offered up packages to prospective fight fans. BunnyRanch is offering a $100k package for two tickets and pre-fight “treatment” by the staff, while Sheri’s is offering a “two girls for the price of one” proposition for its customers over the weekend.

Sounds like a pretty good racket, and no doubt they’ll see a spike in sales from all those “sports fans” running around the state that weekend. However, with the odds so lopsided in a match that seems to favor Mayweather, we’ll see if people turn out for this “fight of the century” the way businesses hope.

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