REPORT: Conor McGregor Would Face Lawsuit If He Decides To Kick or Elbow Floyd Mayweather During Boxing Match


Conor McGregor will need to be on his best behavior come August, because it could cost his millions of dollars if he doesn’t.

After months and months of rumors, the UFC lightweight champion will finally step into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather, and none of his MMA skills better creep in.  If they do, Floyd and his team of lawyers will be ready.

During Wednesday’s fight announcement, UFC president Dana White made it clear that McGregor was informed that he would face stiff penalties if he kicked Mayweather during the fight.

Via Mirror UK

“That [kicking] will not happen; it’s in the contract. This is a boxing match under the Nevada commission under the rules of boxing. We talk about a guy of Floyd Mayweather’s value in the sport—the lawsuit if that ever happened…Conor loves money and he would lose a lot of money if that happened.”

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