Steve Kerr Says LeBron & Jordan “At The Top” Of List For NBA’s G.O.A.T.

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

As you would imagine, Steve Kerr hasn’t been able to take a vacation just yet. The Warriors coach is still running around doing post-championship press, and with it, the usual questions about MJ and LeBron. Fortunately for Kerr (and his audience) he’s not in the business of cramming his own younger guys like KD or Steph Curry into the discussion of the all-time greats…yet.

Speaking to Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post, Kerr was quick to praise LeBron by placing him in rare air.

Kerr stated, “In the end, to me, and I’m not old enough to have watched Bill Russell and those guys, but in the end, it’s Michael Jordan and it’s LeBron James. I put those two guys at the top of the heap, and he’s still going. He’s right in his prime at 32. It’s incredible.”

Kerr’s always been evenhanded and reasoned with his praise, even if this isn’t a very controversial stance.

Now can we give this guy a vacation yet?

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