Cavs Fans Turned To Pornhub To Deal With Pain of NBA Finals Loss


While Cleveland Cavaliers players were busy crying in the locker room after losing Game 5 to the Golden State Warriors to end the series, Cavs fans needed to find a solution of their own to deal with the pain.

Pornhub Insights revealed that traffic to their site from the Cleveland area spiked by 28 percent between midnight and 1 a.m as Cavs fans decided to take matters into their own hand.

“Towards the end of the game, it seems that Cleveland residents had given up, with traffic down only -6%, while San Francisco stayed -21% below average as they waited to see their team win. After the game, traffic in San Francisco returned to normal, but folks in Cleveland looking to cheer themselves up after their team’s loss caused a +28% surge in Pornhub traffic between Midnight and 1am.”


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