Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to Leave Real Madrid After Tax Evasion Charges

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Image via cristiano/Instagram

In the face of government accusations that the soccer icon kept 15 million euro from tax authorities, reports are coming in that Cristiano Ronaldo is eager to book it out of Spain and away from his current squad, Real Madrid, as quickly as possible. A newspaper from his homeland of Portugal has called the decision “irreversible.”

BBC Sports has substantiated the speculation as well.

Ronaldo is apparently both frustrated and hurt by the charges. He has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation.

As one would imagine, his squad is in full-on crisis mode trying to keep him calm and on their roster. Ronaldo has a buyout clause of one billion British pounds, but many think an offer of 180 million or so could send him packing.

The most likely destinations being discussed are Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. Reportedly, Chinese clubs have interest in him as well, but he’d likely want to land in a more competitive league.

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