UCF Football Player With Hit YouTube Channel Hits BACK at NCAA’s Ultimatum (Video)


Last week, Donald De La Haye went public after the NCAA found out that he was “profiting off his likeness” by starring on a YouTube channel for profit. He issued an emotional video stating how unfair it was that the NCAA was taking away his passion in the name of football.

It was actually quite moving, and De La Haye no doubt garnered support for his position.

Now, he’s back at it, trolling the NCAA with a video showing him going through his daily life, shadowed by a bodyguard who prevents him from doing normal stuff, then rips money out of his hand just as soon as he hits an ATM.

It, uh, not hard to pick up on the symbolism here.

Since we still don’t know the nature of the smackdown that the NCAA put on De La Haye, it’s unclear if this video continues to violate the NCAA’s (ridiculous) policy, but it sure would seem so.

Once again…stay tuned…

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