Jon Gruden’s Son Is a World-Class Powerlifter with an Awesome Name (Video)

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Jon Gruden’s 23-year-old son has made quite a name for himself outside of his relationship with his famous dad and football altogether. The powerlifter, who goes by the name Deuce, just won a gold medal at the IPF World Classic Powerlifing Championships in Belarus. 

The powerlifter moonlights as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Redskins, but it seems like he’d do well to stay focused on his own training.

Take a look at the beast in action.

Said Jon about his son’s huge success, “I took pride in trying to be as strong as I could. I never got anywhere in the same zip code as this guy. His mother is a physical-fitness freak. Weightlifting to Deuce is like football to me.”

The Grudens are an intense bunch.

Here’s a look at a report on Deuce and the sport he loves: 

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