Tim Hague Was Knocked Down 6 TIMES in First 2 Rounds Before Fatal KO (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Tim Hague, a former UFC fighter, died Sunday after injuries sustained from a boxing match that saw the fighter knocked down six times in the first two rounds.

The Canadian MMA fighter suffered a “serious brain injury” in a fight Friday against Adam Braidwood in Alberta, Canada. Following the ultimate knockout that won Braidwood the fight, Hague remained on the mat for minutes, unconscious, before the referees called the fight. Hague would later go into a coma that would last for days.

An investigation is being conducted to determine why no one stopped the fight previously. Says the director of the Edmonton Combative Sports Association, Pat Reid (via Rolling Stone):

“Following the news that boxer Tim Hague is in critical condition following a professional boxing match on Friday, June 16th, we have extended the request for reports to all referees, ringside judges, physicians, chief inspector, paymaster and the presiding inspectors assigned to the bout,” Redi said “We will determine the next steps following the evaluation of these reports.”

Hague suffered several concussions in the sport prior to his final fight.

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