Celtics’ Danny Ainge: ‘Player We’ll Take 3rd Is Same Player We’d Take 1st’

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Image via Getty

When the Boston Celtics traded the first overall pick in this summer’s NBA draft to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for their third-overall pick and a future first-rounder, Celts fans were up in arms.  They felt as though their organization had just thrown away the perfect opportunity to draft a stud point guard in Washington’s Markelle Fultz.

According to Celtics president Danny Ainge, that was never going to be the case.

While speaking with ESPN on a conference call following Monday’s blockbuster deal, Ainge said, “We think there’s a really good chance the player we’ll take at [No.] 3 is the same player we would have taken at [No.] 1. So this was a great opportunity to acquire an impactful asset.”

Here’s the audio:

The Celtics already have a point guard in Isaiah Thomas, so it’s not crazy to imagine that they’ll be looking to fill another position on their roster with the pick. Maybe Kansas SF Josh Jackson? Or how about Duke SF Jayson Tatum? Or maybe they look to trade the pick for someone like Jimmy Butler or Paul George?

The possibilities are endless, really.

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