Conor McGregor TROLLS Floyd Mayweather With EPIC Mural on Gym Wall (PICS)

Conor McGregor

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The popular school of thought seems to be that Conor McGregor doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of taking down Floyd Mayweather, but that hasn’t stopped the Irish MMA star from pulling out every weapon at this disposal in the upcoming fight.

Yup. I’m talking about murals, folks.

McGregor recently showed off his new art in an Instagram post. The painting depicts McGregor laying into Mayweather with a left cross. Mayweather appears to have forgotten how to defend against such punches in the representation.

I am a filthy Irish animal.

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Here’s another angle that reveals how BIG a mural it really is: 

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It’s unlikely all the art in the world will save McGregor, but…it can’t hurt, right?

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