NHL Unveils New Adidas Jerseys for All 31 Teams, Including the Vegas Golden Knights (Pics)

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The NHL is switching jersey providers for the 2017-18 season. Reebok is out. Adidas is in. As a result, the 30 previously existing jerseys are getting tweaks.

The NHL unveiled the new jerseys on Tuesday night. The highlight was the long-awaited reveal of the Golden Knights uniforms. Their home sweaters will be gunmetal grey with big blocks of black and gold on the sleeves along with a splash of red. Their away sweaters will be white with blocks of gunmetal grey, gold, and a splash of red.

Take a look:

Those are pretty solid. The grey and black is a little drab, and the gold doesn’t pop as much as you would hope. But things could be WAY worse.

The majority of teams are only making small, subtle tweaks that most fans won’t notice. However, a few are making bigger changes.

The New Jersey Devils are ditching their bottom stripes this year and making arm stripes bolder:

The Nashville Predators are getting rid of the navy blue rebook shoulder stripes and reducing the size of the navy blue stipe on the bottom:

The Colorado Avalanche are also ditching some of the striping and piping from the Reebok era and going back to a look that is very similar to their original jerseys:

The best change comes from the Minnesota Wild, who are ditching their red jerseys in favor of a new green jersey that’s a cross between their excellent alternate jerseys and their old green jerseys:

Here’s a look at the jerseys for the rest of the NHL. While some teams are taking a step backward, the majority will look much better simply because they won’t have any of that ridiculous piping:

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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