Japanese Kids Set New Guinness Jump Rope Record with Unbelievable Precision (Video)

japanese kids guinness jump rope record

It’s always fun to watch somebody set a new Guinness World Record. It’s even better when the record involves 14 awesome kids jumping rope.

The 14 kids in question are students at Fuji Municipal Harada Elementary School in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan. Last week they broke the Guinness World Record for most skips over a single rope in one minute by a team.

How many skips over that single rope did they record in one minute? An amazing 225. And the best part is that the old record was held by their arch rivals at Hiromi Elementary School. They recorded a measly 217 skips back in 2013.

If you think this record sounds like a piece of cake, you’ll change your mind once you watch the video. These kids are a well-oiled machine, snaking around in a figure eight pattern for one minute, each kid expertly hopping just the right height at just the right moment.

It’s absolutely mesmerizing. Take a look:

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So what you gonna do now, Hiromi Elementary? You just gonna let those kids at Harada steal your record, or are you gonna do something about it?

I say do something about it. See if you can break the 250 mark. We’ll be waiting.

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