Feisty Mexico Coach Juan Carlos Osorio Hurls a Bunch of F-Bombs at New Zealand Bench During Confederations Cup Match (Video)

Mexico Coach Juan Carlos Osorio Hurls F-Bombs at New Zealand Bench

Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio got a little worked up during his team’s Confederations Cup Match against New Zealand on Wednesday. Just 27 minutes in Osorio got into a heated exchange with the New Zealand bench, and in the process he dropped a couple of f-bombs that got picked up by a field mic.

The cause of Osorio’s perturbed state was a collision between one of his players and a New Zealand defender inside the New Zealand goal box. Osorio apparently felt a penalty kick should have been awarded. When he complained about it to the refs, the New Zealand bench started complaining too, and pretty soon everybody was yelling at everybody.

Eventually you see Osorio rub his hand on the top of his head, point at somebody on the New Zealand bench, and say, “You! You! F*cking bald-headed…motherf*cker!”

Take a look:

Now, this is New Zealand coach Anthony Hudson:

new zealand coach

As you can see, he is not bald. So Juan Carlos Osorio was obviously not talking to him. My guess is that he was talking to former English soccer player and current New Zealand assistant coach Neil Emblen, who looks a lot like Steve Wilkos from the Jerry Springer Show:

new zealand bald-headed motherf*cker

Osorio’s f-bombs were not the end of hostilities between the two teams. During second-half injury time, the players got into a brawl on the field:

As for the actual result, Mexico pulled out a 2-1 win.

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