Cougar Mom Drops Daughter Off At Texas State Orientation, Ditches Her To Hang Out With The Football Team (PICS)

cougar mom hangs with texas state football team

Well this is the best thing you’re going to see on the internet today. A mom dropped her daughter off for freshman orientation at college this week, then went and made friends with a bunch of sexy football studs.

I know this sounds like the start of an adult film, but it actually happened. We know because the mom texted pics to her daughter, and her daughter posted them on Twitter.

The daughter’s name is Avery. The college is Texas State University. The sexy football studs are apparently members of the Texas State Bobcats.

Take a look:


cougar mom hangs with texas state football team 1
cougar mom hangs with texas state football team 2
I’m sure Avery’s mom probably has a perfectly normal explanation for how all this came about. But frankly, at this point, I’m just not interested in hearing it. I prefer to assume she’s just a thirsty cougar who was driving by the stadium, saw a bunch of sweaty half-naked football players, and was like, “I’ve got to get me a piece of THAT.”

The funny thing is, usually college kids are terrified that their parents are going to do something embarrassing when they drop them off at school. But in this case, Avery’s going to be the most popular girl on campus from day one because her badass mom went viral.

Seriously, did you see the stats? Avery’s tweet has 99K retweets and 447K likes. Her mom is now the official Texas State Bobcats Cougar.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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