#TrustTheProcess: 76ers Coach Brett Brown Says He Texted Former GM Hinkie “Thanks” After Drafting Fultz

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The Philadelphia 76ers continue to be among the league’s worst teams, finishing 27th overall last season with a 28-54 record.  Despite their continued losing, they finally seem to have their fans and players believing in “The Process,” as they continue to stockpile young talent through the draft.

Last night, the Sixers added another piece to their puzzle when they selected Washington guard Markelle Fultz with the first-overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft.  With that, the 76ers now have Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Ben Simmons, and Fultz to build around.  That’s two first-overall picks and two third-overall picks from the past four NBA Drafts.

Who do they have to thank for all this young talent?  That would be former GM Sam Hinkie, who always implored his organization and their fan base to “Trust the Process.”

Well, “The Process” finally appears to be shaping up just as Hinkie had planned.  Unfortunately for him, he’s no longer with the team, having been fired from his position back in April 2016.  But despite no longer being around, Hinkie is still remembered by 76ers staff, players, and fans, so much so that current Sixers coach Brett Brown even texted Hinkie to say thanks after the team selected Fultz last night.

#TrustTheProcess #NeverForgetHinkie

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