Donald Trump Drives Golf Cart Right Onto Green, Because Etiquette Is for Losers and He’s a Winner (Video)

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Golf has a lot of rules. Some of them are pretty important. Most of them are really stupid.

One of the important rules is that you don’t drive the golf cart on the green. And the reason is fairly simple: golf carts will f*#% that sh*t up.

Greens are delicate and spongey. You’re not even supposed to walk in the path between somebody’s ball and the hole because you could leave an indentation that could ruin that person’s putt. Driving the golf cart on the green is like that, only about 50x worse. You could totally ruin the green for everybody.

Of course, if you’re an entitled rich guy and you happen to own the course you’re playing on, then I guess to hell with the rules, right?

That brings us to Donald Trump. The President played a round of golf at Trump National Golf Course in Bedington, New Jersey, this week. And even though every golfer on the planet knows it’s a big no no, and even though a bunch of club members were watching, the guy just drove right onto the green, because walking is for suckers.

See for yourself:

Leave politics aside for a moment and be totally honest: even the biggest Trump supporter on the planet has to admit that’s kind of a d*ck move, right? Ban Muslims, build the wall, make America great again. But Jesus, don’t drive the golf cart on the green.

Oh, and did I mention the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open is being held at this very course next month?

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