REPORT: Draymond Green Cursed Out Warriors GM After Team Drafted Jordan Bell In NBA Draft (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Draymond Green was not a happy camper after he found out the team didn’t even consult with him for their latest draft pick.

While introducing Jordan Bell to the local media on Friday, Warriors GM Bob Myers told a story of Draymond calling him and cursing him out after finding out through other outlets about the team’s decision to draft Oregon’s Jordan Bell in the second round.

“Draymond texted me as I was driving home and he said, ‘What the’ and then expletive ‘is your problem?’ to me. So you can fill in the blank. Then he said, ‘I have to hear about this ‘expletive’ on the internet, you didn’t expletive ‘tell me about it!’ So I couldn’t text and drive so I called him and I said, ‘OK, all right, calm down.’”


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