Ron Jaworski Takes Shot at Other ESPN Personalities Because All They Do is ‘Scream At Each Other’

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It was reported that last week that veteran ESPN NFL Analyst Ron Jaworski and his career with the company was in limbo as they have yet to give him a decision on whether he would remain with the company for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this month, he appeared on The Doomsday Podcast with fired ESPN reporter ED Werder and co-host Matt Mosley, and he spoke on various topics including the status of his job.

Jaworski on his job status at ESPN:

“I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but I don’t have one. Number one, I’m absolutely very grateful and thrilled to have worked at ESPN for 27 years. I still may continue to work at ESPN, I do not know what the future is going to hold. I still have a contract with them until May 31 of 2022. And if they choose to want to use me in some other areas, that is being talked about with my agent basically as we speak, so I’m kind of the guy in limbo right now.”

Jaworski then goes on to talk about how he views himself as a broadcaster:

“But I do want to continue with some broadcasting. I love what I do. I still maintain my office at NFL Films, and as the film wonk that I am, I try to give the audience something that they normally don’t get. It may be a little bit drill-down football, but I think there’s far too much football on TV that doesn’t really scratch the surface, and I try to drill down and give the viewers and the listeners something that you don’t get anywhere else. Not saying I’m right or wrong, but I certainly am different.”

Jaws then takes a shot at debate-centric programming:

“The matchup show was on the air before I started at ESPN. If I do it or not in the future, it will still be a great show. There were times people said ‘The fans don’t care about those Xs and Os.’ That is bull! People care about football. We have so many shows on, uh, all television networks, that do nothing but have a bunch of guys throwing words out there. We use the video, we use the coaches’ tape on the matchup show. There’s a reason it’s the longest-running studio show on television, because of that. It’s unique, it’s different. People at the league, people at the network said it would fail, but here it is, the longest-running show on television, because people want more.”

Jaworski then continued with a shot at screaming personalities.

“And I wish executives at all the networks would realize that. People want more. They don’t want a bunch of people on TV screaming at each other, ‘You’re right’ and ‘You’re wrong,’ they want intellectual conversation, and they want to see why teams win and why teams lose. And the tape shows that, and networks and producers don’t use enough of that.”

Was he talking about other co-workers such as Stephen A. Smith?? You can listen to the full interview below.

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