LSU Fans Save Man’s Life With CPR At College World Series

22994557-mmmainWhen an 80-year-old man fell unconscious last night while in the stands at the College World Series, the dads of an LSU pitcher and a strength coach sprang into action, giving the man CPR and likely saving his life.

The father of pitcher Jared Poche is Dr. Jerry Poche, shown above, and a good man to have around if you go unconscious, apparently. Jimmy Roy (below), the father of LSU’s strength coach Travis Roy and a firefighter himself, sprang into action as well.


The man is now in stable condition, despite this harrowing account from Dr. Poche. “The man died. He didn’t have a pulse. He didn’t have nothing. It looks like, luckily, we got him back,” Poche said, according to a news source.

It sounds like the victim couldn’t have had more qualified and capable people save his life, even if the procedure wasn’t exactly familiar to Dr. Poche. “We’ve always had machines that do it for us,” he said. 


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