Vikings WR Michael Floyd Sentenced to One Day in Jail for Violating His House Arrest


Back on June 11, Michael Floyd violated the terms of his house arrest for a December DUI by having alcohol in his system during a random test. He claimed that the result came from drinking too much kombucha, but the court wasn’t buying it.

Now, he’s been sentenced to a day in jail and five more days of house arrest for the snafu.

As for the kombucha excuse? Well, there might be more too that than you’d originally think. The Vikings wrote a letter of support on his behalf saying they’ve got the fermented drink on tap at the team facility.

Huh. Who would have thought that excuse might have had some basis in reality?

No word on when Floyd will serve the extra time, but I would expect it to be prior to the commencement of summer training camp.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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