Vanderbilt Football Players Shot After Bringing a Pellet Gun To A Real Gunfight

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You’ve heard the saying, ‘Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight’. While three members of the Vanderbilt football squad didn’t bring a knife, they did bring a fake one and it all stems from a stolen cell phone.

TMZ Sports has the details:

” Two members of the Vanderbilt football team are recovering from gunshot wounds after one of the players allegedly drew a pellet gun against a group with real weapons. 

It all went down Monday night in Nashville where defensive backs Tae Daley and Frank Coppet, along with WR Donaven Tennyson were meeting another group of people in an effort to buy back a stolen cell phone. 

The phone — which belonged to Tennyson — was stolen the week before during a botched sale attempt that was arranged through a website. 

Tennyson reportedly found his exact phone back for sale on the website and created a fake account to try to buy it back.

He reportedly arranged the meeting outside of a Target store — and brought 2 teammates along for backup.

When they arrived and met the sellers, things got heated and Coppet pulled a pellet pistol on the other group.

Problem is … the other guys had a REAL pistol and a shotgun and opened fire, striking Daley in the leg and Coppet in the arm.

The gunmen fled from the scene — and also stole Daley’s car in the process.”

To recap, Tennyson got his cell phone stolen – found it – brought two teammates to get it back – got them both shot after a pellet gun was pulled – then other teammate has car stolen in the process.

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