Watch Alysia Montaño Compete in the 800M, Four Months Pregnant, in 100 Degree Heat (VIDEO)

Alysia Montaño

Tennis legend Serena Williams shocked the world when it was found out she won her most recent Grand Slam while pregnant. Alysia Montaño may have just outdone her.

Last Thursday, the track star Montaño represented the United States in the USATF Outdoor Championship by running an 800M race…WHILE 4 MONTHS PREGNANT. Not only did she have to carry around extra weight, but she had to deal with the 100 degree scorching heat as well.

This isn’t the first time she’s done this. In 2014, she ran the 400 while 8 months pregnant.

“[In 2014] women let me know that my journey and my story had inspired them in so many different ways,” Montaño said. “I think there’s something about coming out to any venue, not really expecting to win, but just going along with the journey and seeing what comes out of it. And that’s the most beautiful part for me, being a track and field athlete, the platform that I have, I feel so responsible to be a representative of people who don’t have the same platform, don’t have the same voice that I do.

“I represent so many different people. I represent women. I represent black women. I represent pregnant women. Not everybody has the same platform that I do. I think it’s my responsibility to make sure I’m a voice and advocate for them.”

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