Celtics Working Hard to Acquire Paul George AND Gordon Hayward This Offseason

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Adding to the speculation that Boston’s ready to be a contender (in the East, anyway) right now, Yahoo‘s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Celts are poised to jump on not one, but two big-dollar players this off-season.

Not only are they prepared to cut a likely maximum-contract check for Utah’s Gordon Hayward, but they’re also reportedly willing to toss some players away in a trade for Paul George.

Due to cap implications, Boston would virtually be required to sign Hayward before getting George, and there’s a chance that even though Indiana believes Boston can make the best offer for their big man, they won’t wait for that to happen before trying to strike a deal.

Either one of these acquisitions would be a blockbuster, and scoring both would be historic.  But even if it doesn’t happen, it shows Boston’s not about to sit idly by as Cleveland increases their stranglehold on the East.

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