Dolphins Fan Wears Dolphins Helmet at Dolphins-Themed Wedding, Has Most Understanding Wife of All Time (Pic)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The Dolphins may play their games in Miami, but their biggest fan just might live in England.

On Sunday a guy named Lee posted a photo of his wedding on Twitter. In this photo, he and his bride are staring lovingly at each other in front of their cake. It was a scene you’ve seen a million times at a million other weddings. The only difference was that, in this case, both the groom on top of the wedding cake and the real life groom were wearing Miami Dolphins helmets.

The most amazing thing about all this is that it wasn’t some stunt Lee pulled to surprise his bride. Apparently it was her idea. She bought him the helmet.

Take a look:

According to Lee’s Twitter bio, though he hails from England he loves everything Miami, including the Fins and Heat. Here’s a tweet from last summer explaining how he came to be a Dolphins fan:

Here’s another one from last summer showing him and a woman we can only assume is his wife posing for a photo with some Dolphins cheerleaders:

Lee wasn’t kidding when he said she’s the one. Here’s hoping he holds on tight and never lets her go.

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