Utah Middle School Students Write Letters to Gordon Hayward Begging Him to Stay

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Gordon Hayward is looking at a huge payday one way or another this offseason, but no one really knows (perhaps not even Hayward) if his future checks will be coming from the Utah Jazz. A number of teams will offer max contracts to Hayward, but students at one school are offering some kind words up in the hope that their pleas for him to stay sweeten the deal.

According to this tweet, Robin Hayward, Gordon’s wife, has shared some moving and thoughtful letters from kids attending Toelle Junior High asking Hayward to stick around.

Hayward’s got a lot to consider in his decision, but maybe this gesture will remind him that he’s already got a home in the NBA.  Now it’s his call as to whether or not he wishes to keep it.

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