Alternate Angle Shows Just How Badly Dodgers Fans Stomped Out An Angels Fan (VIDEO)


He definitely felt this the following morning.

Earlier this week, footage surfaced of an all-out chaotic brawl that broke out between Dodgers and Angels fans at Dodger Stadium. It ended with one guy being pummeled into a bloody mess.

It all went down in the pavilion section of Dodger Stadium when 2 fans started barking at each other … but things quickly turned physical when they dragged each other to the ground and started throwing punches.

Other fans joined in by throwing haymakers and beers … while a mother and her crying daughter try to separate themselves from the altercation just a few feet away.

Stadium security and off-duty cops broke up the fight  … but surprisingly, no arrests were made and the aggressors left the game on their own. A police report was not made for the incident.”

On Thursday, an alternate angle emerged of the aftermath and you can clearly see the Angels fan got the absolute worst of the fight.

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