Chicago Cubs’ Carl Edwards Jr. Turns Down White House Visit To Go To ‘Dinosaur Museums’

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs had already made a prior White House visit after winning the World Series with President Obama in office, but this time they decided to make a second trip with Trump in office. The Chicago Sun-Times polled 22 of the team’s 27 players this week, finding that 12 players planned to go on the trip and 10 would decline.

Carl Edwards Jr. was one of those players.

Instead of walking around the Oval Office and taking multiple pictures with Donald Trump, Edwards decided to go visit a dinosaur museum instead.

“I’m trying to go see like the dinosaur museums, ” Edwards said to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Only four current players who were on the World Series roster missed the trip in January: Jake Arrieta, John Lackey, Jon Lester and Hector Rondon.

“I prefer to stay in my room, get rest and get prepared for the game,” Rondon said.

“I just don’t feel like I want to go,” said reliever Pedro Strop, who went in January.

Lackey said he plans to go Wednesday but declined to discuss it further. “I’m not saying anything political for a quote,” he said.

Said Jason Heyward, who won’t be there Wednesday after going in January: “Some guys didn’t go last time. Some guys aren’t going this time.”

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