Steph Curry Will Enter a Golf Tourney Next Month (Videos)

Steph Curry Golf

It turns out basketball isn’t the only sport that Steph Curry excels at. When the season’s over, the Warriors legend-in-the-making is a voracious golfer, rocking just a two handicap. And this summer, he’ll be sticking around the Bay Area to compete in’s Ellie Mae Classic in early August.

The NBA star didn’t qualify traditionally for the tourney, but got a sponsor exemption because, hey, who doesn’t want Steph Curry out there?

Steph sounds excited in this transcript from a video he released via the Warriors (via San Francisco Chronicle):

When I found out I was getting a sponsor exemption, I had a lot of emotions because I love to play golf; it’s a passion of mine. But to be able to play against the next and best golf professionals will be a huge honor and huge treat. I’m looking forward to hopefully not embarrassing myself, but mostly having a lot of fun and hopefully raising a lot of money for the foundation. … I’m going to try to keep it in the fairway.”

Sounds like his expectations are modest, but he’s good enough that he might be able to raise an eyebrow or two during his stay on the course. His appearance will benefit the Warriors Community Foundation.

If you’re looking for documentation of Steph’s links prowess…here you go.

He’s the NBA’s best golfer for a reason, folks.

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