Police Say Venus Williams at Fault in Fatal Traffic Accident June 9

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Police in Florida say women’s tennis legend Venus Williams was at fault in a June 9 traffic accident that led to the death of a passenger in the other vehicle two weeks later.

The police report indicates that Williams’ vehicle was t-boned at the intersection of North Lake Blvd and Steeplechase Dr in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. According to Linda Barson, the driver of the other vehicle, Williams “darted” into the intersection and she didn’t have enough time to stop. According to Williams, she entered the intersection on a green light, but traffic in front of her forced her to crawl to a stop in the middle of the intersection.

Jerome Barson, 78, sustained head trauma in the crash. He was taken to the hospital where, two weeks later, he died from his injuries.

The police report says Williams was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. However, it also indicates that she is at fault for violating the other vehicle’s right of way.

Williams has not been cited or charged with anything. Police say they are still investigating. However, an attorney for the Barsons said his clients have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Sadly, it sounds like this tragic accident resulted from the kind of situation you’ll see during rush hour every single day. While Venus Williams may technically be at fault, it sounds like the driver of the other vehicle might not have been as cautious as she should have been.

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