LeBron Ponders Why NBA Has A Salary Cap; Says Steph Curry Worth $400 Million

2015 NBA Finals - Game Six

If you frequent social media on the regular, you would think that certain athletes actually dislike each other as much as their fan bases dislike each other. However, that is almost never the case.

LeBron fans and Stephen Curry fans might think the two hate each other, but the two are really good friend off the court and LeBron recently displayed that.

In the early morning hours on Saturday, the Golden State Warriors agreed to give their superstar PG Stephen Curry a record 5-year, $201 million deal, and every cent of it is deserved—although, LeBron doesn’t quite think so.

LeBron took to Twitter and pondered why the NBA even has a salary cap.  He also thinks Curry should be getting way more…Like, $400 million.


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