Klay Thompson Going Strong in China; Grabs Mic & Yells “We The Champions Mothaf-cka” (VIDEO)

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is single, a two-time NBA champ, and he’s absolutely loving life.

The Golden State Warriors forward recently took a trip to China. While it started out rough with him getting stuffed on multiple 360 dunk attempts, it has definitely gotten better since.

Thompson has been on tour with Anta, the Chinese shoe company he’s endorsed by. He just signed an $80 million deal with them in an attempt to try and become the Michael Jordan of sneakers over there.

Klay has also been hitting the club heavy as he was seen dancing up a storm while clearly drunk as hell. At some point, someone handed Klay a microphone.  He dropped a, “We the champions mothafu-cka,” and the crowd went wild.


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