REPORT: Baltimore Ravens Lead The NFL In Drug Suspensions; Cowboys Are 2nd

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When your franchise is leading the league in a category that has nothing to do with the sport whatsoever, it’s usually a very bad thing.

The Baltimore Ravens lead the entire National Football League in suspensions for failed drug tests. Ravens tight end Darren Waller’s most recent suspension gave the franchise its 13th suspension (coming from 10 different players) that the Ravens have received since 2010 for either performance-enhancing drugs or drugs of abuse.

Via ProFootballTalk:

“Waller and Ravens running back Kenneth Dixon have both been suspended this offseason, though Dixon’s suspension is for only four games. The Ravens’ other recent suspensions are receiver David Reed in 2011, defensive end Ryan McBean in 2012, cornerback Asa Jackson in both 2012 and 2013, safety Christian Thompson in 2013, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata in 2014, safety Matt Elam in 2015, tight end Nick Boyle in both 2015 and 2016) and safety Will Hill in 2016.

Including Waller and Dixon, the Ravens’ suspensions have totaled 76 games over seven seasons.”

Here’s the list of the top 5 teams with multiple drug suspensions:

  1. Baltimore Ravens – 13
  2. Dallas Cowboys – 12
  3. New York Giants – 11
  4. Carolina Panthers – 11
  5. Seattle Seahawks – 11

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