JaVale McGee Says Kevin Durant Can Really Rap: ‘He Raps Like Nas’ (AUDIO)

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Not really known to many people, but JaVale McGee has many talents off the court. Along with financing the Tupca biopic, ‘All Eyez On Me,’ McGee also produces music.

He actually has 10 years experience of doing so on his resume, and after releasing his first single a few weeks ago, the NBA champion wants to use his skills to help his friends.

McGee is so impressed with the way teammate Kevin Durant sounds on a track that he wants to produce his music.

“He actually has bars,” McGee told Complex’s Adam Caparell of Durant’s musical talents. “He raps like Nas. I’ve been in his home studio and listened. He’s got a lot of songs.”

While Durant is better than your average NBA player trying to make the crossover, his rapping ability is nowhere near that of legendary rapper Nas.

Check out a few of Durant’s tracks below:

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