Marshawn Lynch Gets Red Card In Charity Soccer Game For Going Full ‘Beastmode’ (VIDEO)

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch will finally make his return to the field after prematurely retiring—this time as a player on his favorite childhood football team, the Oakland Raiders.

Until then, the Oakland Raiders running back hit the field for a different type of futbol as he took part in a charity soccer game recently. Organized by former Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers player Steve Zakuani, Marshawn made a brief appearance as he made his way to midfield to start the second half.

Wearing flip flops, Lynch made his way into the opponent’s penalty box where he took a pass from a teammate. He then picked the ball up and went full ‘beastmode,’ running it in like he would’ve done if the Seahawks had given him the ball on the goalline a few years ago in the Super Bowl.


As you can tell by the video, he received a red card for his efforts and he responded by grabbing the red card out of the referee’s hand, ripping it up, and punting the ball high into the air.

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