Mets Prospect Suffers Concussion After Homeless Man Attacks Him With Tire Iron

Logan Taylor

Such a weird and unfortunate story.

New York Mets prospect Logan Taylor, who is currently pitching with their Triple-A affiliate, the Las Vegas 51s, was in Salt Lake City over the weekend for a series against the Salt Lake Bees, when he found himself needing medical treatment.

Saturday afternoon, Logan was merely walking down the street when he was approached by a homeless man carrying a tire iron and a sock full of rocks. He’s homeless, so Taylor probably thought nothing of it. That was until the homeless guy demanded his wallet and things quickly got real.

Taylor was socked over the head with that tire iron soon after.

“Taylor suffered a concussion during the robbery attempt and was placed on the disabled list. Manager Pedro Lopez said Taylor was taken to a hospital where he had to have six or seven staples put in the back of his head.

Lopez said Taylor was in good enough condition that he was able to be with the team at the ballpark.

Joshua Cruz, a 33-year-old Salt Lake City homeless man, was arrested on Saturday in relation to the incident.

“There were a couple guys that saw it, Dom (Smith) and (Kevin) McGowan,” Lopez said, referring to Taylor’s teammates. “They tried to go after the guy when they realized it was Logan, but (the police) ended up catching the guy later on,” Lopez said.

After hitting Taylor, the man fled on foot. Cruz was apprehended by the police in the area, Wilking said.

“At the very time the call was coming in, an officer that was right in the area was flagged down by people, and he tried to run away,” Wilking said. “He was chased. He was told to drop the items he had, and then he turned around on the officer, and that’s when another officer came on the scene and they used a Taser to take him into custody.”

Cruz was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Sunday on charges of aggravated robbery and failure to stop at command of law enforcement.”

A Twitter user’s comment on the story provided info as to why this homeless guy was so aggressive.

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