Shannon Sharpe: ‘NFL Wants Kaepernick To Bow Down & Kiss Their Ass Just To Get A Job’ (VIDEO)


We are less than a month away from the National Football League being in full swing for the remainder of the year and the excitement is evident.

One month away and Colin Kaepernick is still un-signed.  He has only met with the Seattle Seahawks during the offseason. The clear answer for his unemployment is not his diminishing skills, but rather his decision to kneel in protest of the National Anthem that garnered a bunch of unwanted attention.

On Monday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed’, Shannon Sharpe responded to comments from John Lynch about how Kaepernick has an ‘image crisis’ and he needs to do an interview to tell teams that he wants to play football. Sharpe argued that teams really want Kaepernick to bow down, apologize, and basically kiss their ass in order to be accepted back into the league.


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