WWE’s ‘The Miz’ Says Lonzo Ball Will Be The Biggest Bust in NBA History; Says LaVar Ball Is A Loser (VIDEO)

LaVar Ball

Last week, the entire Ball family were the talk of social media as they all appeared on WWE Raw in Los Angeles. LaVar felt right at home as he ran to slide into the ring, failing miserably, and he even removed his shirt as he got ready to battle The Miz in the ring. His youngest son, LaMelo, made different waves as he yelled out multiple times, ‘Beat that ni**as ass,’ live on TV and the WWE were forced to release a statement to make sure people knew that was not in the script for him to say.

During Monday’s MizTV segment, The Miz reminded everyone that he “broke ratings records” before taking a few shots at the Ball family, including Lonzo Ball, who he called the biggest bust in NBA history once he finally hits the court.

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