Looks Like Draymond Green Is Trying to Recruit Nick Young for the Warriors (Video)

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Image via Getty

When the Golden State Warriors hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy on June 12, they cemented their status as the NBA’s most formidable superpower and kicked off an NBA arms race. Now every half-decent team is on an all-out quest to add superstars and become a superteam that can hang with the Warriors.

The Houston Rockets traded for Chris Paul. The Oklahoma City Thunder traded for Paul George. The Boston Celtics are trying to reunite Gordon Hayward with coach Brad Stevens. The Cavs—or at least LeBron—are trying to lure Carmelo Anthony.

However, while the rest of the league is trying to catch up to the Warriors, the Warriors aren’t standing pat. According ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA champs now have their sights set on former Laker Nick Young, a.k.a. Swaggy P.

As Wojnarowski points out, Young could make more money with another team. However, only the Warriors can offer an 85% chance of winning a championship.

Lest there was any doubt about the veracity of Wojnarowski’s report, here’s a video of Draymond Green partying with Swaggy P at a club over the weekend:

We can only assume a large part of Green’s pitch to Nick Young involved the prospect of not getting kicked in the nuts if he joins the Warriors.

Stay tuned.

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