Fan Offered Justine Kish $15K For The Shorts She Soiled During Match (VIDEO)

Justine Kish

Seriously, what is wrong with people??

Last month during a UFC OKC event, fans couldn’t help but notice a strange substance on the octagon during a match.  It turned out to be poop that came from Justine Kish after she was choked by Felice Herrig.


Days later, there is a fan that is willing to dish out $15,000 for the soiled shorts worn by Justine Kish during her strawweight bout with Felice Herrig at UFC Fight Night 112.

“The most lucrative offer I’ve got is someone messaged me and said, ‘hey, we would love to pay’ — because I didn’t get my winnings. I would say I returned back with half of what I would have liked to have had, and so the most lucrative was, ‘hey, I would like to buy whatever kind of winnings you lost, I would like to buy your shorts for that same amount to hang them up and blah, blah blah in my man cave.’

“There are some really disgusting people out there,” Kish said, according to Bloody Elbow. “And so they offered me $15,000 for my shorts.

“Some man that wanted a man cave with my shorts – he has like a UFC (shrine). He gave me his name, his email address, all these things. I really don’t want to give too much details, but that was the most lucrative offer and I’m not gonna… I mean, why? People are saying, ‘send them over, just go do it.’ I’m like, ‘oh, alright. Well I’ll give him my information, but I don’t see how this is actually real.'”

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