Golfer Chased Off Course by Angry Moose (Video)

golfer chased by moose

In Florida golfers have to worry about gators. In Sweden, apparently, the primary wildlife threat out on the links is angry moose.

Of course, I’m only generalizing based on one video I just watched on the internet. But it’s probably true.

In said video, this innocent golf dude is doing his thing, trying to play some golf in Sweden, when a young moose comes up and is like, “hey motherf#*&er, get your tiny round eggs and weird stickes the f&*% out of my house.”

Fortunately the golfer was nimble and fast enough to dodge the moose. He escaped unharmed!

Also fortunate: rather than try to distract the moose, the golfer’s friends instead hid behind a tree and recorded video of the encounter.

Take a look:

This poor dude’s swing is probably wrecked. From now on, every time he steps up to the ball, he’s going to be looking over his shoulder for angry moose.

Maybe golf courses in Florida should import some alligators to help keep the moose population in check?

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