Jeff Horn Planning to Confront Stephen A. Smith at ESPYS For The Things He Said

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Besides every single person with working eyes on social media, Stephen A. Smith was probably Jeff Horn’s most vocal critic after the Australian boxer was gifted a win against Manny Pacquiao, taking his WBO Welterweight title in the process. reports that Bob Arum is in favor of the new WBO welterweight champion being formally introduced to the US boxing scene at the ESPYS on July 12 and Horn may be given the opportunity to confront Smith right there in Los Angeles.

“It’s fair to say if it all works out that we do go up there, we’d have a chat to Stephen A. Smith. He’s one of America’s great commentators,” Horn’s promoter Dean Lonergan said. “Stephen A was pretty vocal with what he had to say but I’m sure maybe his promoter will be just as vocal as Stephen A back. “We’d have to talk to Jeff about that and see if he wanted to go. I’m sure he would. “Jeff Horn’s life’s changed now, he’s on a whole different planet when it comes to his fame and boxing future. “Things like the ESPYS, they’ve been talked about already. Bob said that would be a great idea. How cool is that?”

Horn defeated Manny Pacquiao last weekend in Brisbane by unanimous decision. 

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