Reporter Who Broke ‘Hayward to Boston’ Too Early Gets the Last Laugh (TWEET)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

When ESPN’s Chris Haynes first tweeted out that Gordon Hayward was heading to the Celtics yesterday, he got an earful from fans after confirmation seemed to be taking longer than normal. Naturally, fans went crazy and quickly turned on Haynes’ report, calling it erroneous.

However, Haynes stood still, and after a few hours, the tweet was confirmed by Hayward himself.

That made Celtics fans happy and Chris Haynes very happy, no doubt. So he basked in the glory with, what else, a Hulk Hogan meme!

That’s how you use Twitter, especially when you’re not one of the upper-echelon reporters. Congrats on Haynes for getting it right without having to backpedal or even explain himself.

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