Dude With Similar Phone Number to Jimmy Butler Has Been Getting Calls Non-Stop (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Butler likely had a fair amount of explaining to do after bailing on Chicago to go to Minnesota, but he wasn’t one to step down from his obligation, giving out his actual phone number during a press conference.

It was funny, and Butler actually has been answering tons of messages and calls.  But one man with a similar phone number by the name of Michael Byrne has been getting lit up with calls and texts, 24/7.

Here he is speaking with ESPN about the matter:

Ouch. That sucks. Especially considering that if people could just remember a simple phone number, this guy’s life wouldn’t have been turned into a living hell!

He told NBC5, “That’s the strange part. They’re calling the wrong number. None of the calls or messages have been mean or harassing, but I can’t even use my phone.”

The worst part? (Well, maybe..) He’s not even a sports fan and doesn’t even know who Jimmy Butler is. I’m not sure why that makes things worse, but it totally does.

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