Gordon Hayward “Decision” Parody from 2011 Suddenly Very Relevant After Tuesday’s Free Agency Fiasco (Video)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Gordon Hayward made a parody of LeBron‘s infamous “Decision” back in 2011 that is suddenly very relevant after Tuesday’s free agency fiasco.

For those of you who were too busy drinking beer and eating grilled meat to pay attention to sports, on Tuesday night Gordon Hayward announced via The Players’ Tribune that he was leaving the Utah Jazz after seven seasons and reuniting with Coach Brad Stevens as a member of the Boston Celtics. While Utah Jazz fans were bound to be disappointed with this decision no matter what, the way it all played out made it so much worse.

You see, on Tuesday morning it was reported that Hayward was going to Boston. But then his agent said no, the report is untrue, he is still making up his mind. Isaiah Thomas‘ wife even took down a video she had posted of the superstar point guard celebrating, which gave Jazz fans hope. But then, several hours later, Hayward finally announced that, yes, he is going to Boston. So the whole process kind of played with Jazz fans’ heart strings.

That brings us to the video. Back in 2011, after his rookie season, Hayward—an avid gamer—joined the IGN Pro League. To announce this decision, he made a parody of “The Decision” in which he…apologizes to Utah fans for leaving them high and dry.

Take a look:


Six years later Hayward is apologizing to Utah fans again. Only for real this time.

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