Lawrence Taylor DUI Dash Cam Footage After He Hit a Police Car Released (Video)

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Lawrence Taylor is known for being a bit rough around the edges, dating all the way back to his playing days. But that doesn’t make it any less shocking to see the legendary linebacker struggle and fumble his way through a sobriety test following a September incident

During the incident, Taylor slammed his Bentley into both a trailer and a police car while driving under the influence.  You can see the gallery of damage done in these pics we published back in September.

Here’s a look at the dash cam footage that was recently obtained by TMZ:

In the video, you can see that he breaks down with a medical emergency shortly after being cuffed. He managed to recover from the incident but was nonetheless hit with a year of probation and an order to stay away from drugs and alcohol during that time.

So even if you’re suffering from a legit medical emergency…you’re not going to escape the long arm of the law.

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