Russian Tennis Player Daniil Medvedev Has Total Meltdown, Throws Cash at Wimbledon Official (GIF)

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Image via Getty

Daniil Medvedev went down at Wimbledon in a blaze of glory on Wednesday. And it’s probably going to cost him.

On Monday, Medvedev upset no. 5 seed Stan Wawrinka in the first round. On Wednesday the 21-year-old Russian had an epic meltdown during a five set loss to Ruben Bemelmans.

Wednesday’s trouble started in the fifth set. After falling behind 5-2, Medvedev decided it was the chair umpire’s fault and demanded that she be replaced. Obviously his childish request was denied. So when he finally lost, Medvedev, the 49th-ranked player in the world, took out his wallet and began throwing money at the umpire’s chair, as if to suggest she had been bribed.

Of course, this was in England, and Medvedev is apparently cheap, so he threw coins not bills, which means it didn’t look half as badass as it sounds.

Take a look:


In general tennis players have more leeway to criticize officials than players in other sports. However, it’s one thing to suggest an umpire blew some calls. It’s quite another to accuse them of selling out to the highest bidder.

Medvedev is going to be fined for his actions at the very least. He will most likely be suspended as well.

Seems fair to me.

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