Ex-NFL RB Derek Loville Gets Prison Time For Drug Dealing Conspiracy

Super Bowl XXIX

Former NFL running back Derek Loville spent 8 years in the league and was a part of three Super Bowl championships in the process. That 8-year career gave him plenty of broken bones, concussions, and a lifetime of pain that led to a pill addiction.

Today, Loville finds himself being incarcerated, not because of his addiction, but because he decided to be the middle man in a drug distribution.

Via The San Diego Tribune:

“Loville was sentenced to 15 months in prison, not for his longtime consumption of illegal prescription painkillers, but for being a low-level middle-man in a drug distribution network that he later learned stretched around the globe. U.S. District Judge William Hayes also ordered him to pay a $5,000 fine.

Loville, 48, is the latest — and most recognizable — of 22 defendants to be sentenced in the San Diego federal prosecution targeting the ODOG Enterprise, an offshore gambling and drug trafficking empire run by Owen Hanson.”

The NFL had left him a broken man, his attorney said, adding that Loville had suffered more than 20 concussions, joint injuries and fractures during his career. The NFL doctors would give him morphine, Vicodin and OxyContin to deal with the pain and keep him playing, medical attention that stopped with his retirement, the attorney said.

Loville turned to medical marijuana and pain pills “to aid with his pain and just to be functional,” Sanchez said. Loville’s days are marked by migranes, chronic headaches, memory loss, depression, irritability and road rage — symptoms now being frequently linked to NFL concussion injuries.

At some point, Hanson began supplying Loville with oxycodone and Ecstasy. In his plea agreement to a racketeering conspiracy, Loville admitted distributing some of the drugs to close friends and associates in the Phoenix area from 2011 to 2015, collecting payment and remitting it back to Hanson.”

Loville played for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Denver Broncos before retiring in 1999.

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