Former NFL Player De’Von Hall Accused of Killing His Own Mother

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Former NFL player De’Von Hall won’t be remembered for what he did on the field as he didn’t have much of a career.  But he will be remembered for what he is accused of off the field.

Hall is the accused suspect in the brutal murder of his own mother, Alecia Benson. The LA Times did a featured piece on the ups and downs of Hall’s life that eventually led to the alleged beating of Benson.

Shouted threats gave way to screams. Then the thud of blows.

De’von Hall stood over his mother’s blood-covered body on that April evening this year. One of the home’s residents, Brandeis Eubanks, dialed 911.

“He hit her. He stomped her out,” he told the dispatcher. “They got in a tussling match and next thing you know she was on the ground and he was stomping her out.”

Alecia Benson lay on her back, unconscious and spitting blood. Her face was swollen, lips sliced open, head battered, nose broken and cut.

“Her son is still here and I don’t want him to attack me,” Eubanks said. “If you guys get here, you can apprehend him.”

“Help her,” Eubanks told the dispatcher. “Help her. Please.”

“You’ve got to get a clean dry cloth or towel,” the dispatcher said, “and apply pressure to where the blood …”

Eubanks interrupted.

“No, no, no,” he said. “OK. Please come. Please come now.”

As Eubanks pleaded with the dispatcher, Hall walked out of the home and down the middle of Secrest Drive.

Another man screamed and shouted in the background.

“Get off the phone and get an ambulance here!” he said.

The line went dead.

Former team members of the Tampa Bay Bucs recalled walking into a darkened meeting room after practice, flipping on the lights only to discover Hall standing behind a door, staring at the wall without saying a word. He got his big break finally playing in 4 regular season games for the Indianapolis Colts, before being released the day after Christmas.

The Bucs quickly scooped him up, but once again former teammates found him to be rather strange.

“From the first day, Hall’s odd behavior left teammates uneasy, sometimes afraid. He stood by himself on the practice field. Teammates tried to get him to join them for movies or dinner. He declined.

When Joshua Taylor, one of his Utah State roommates, asked what the NFL was like, Hall replied that all he did was smoke weed, practice, then smoke more weed.

Hall repeatedly told a strange story about a car accident in Tampa where he hit his head and had to be put in a straitjacket, then injected with an unknown substance to calm down. Friends pressed for more details. He couldn’t provide them.”

There was another strange incident back in 2011, when Hall’s grandfather, Leslie Benson, died. He began waving his arms in the air at the funeral. He yelled as if he was riding a roller coaster.

His behavior only got worse after being signed and cut by the Carolina Panthers.

He didn’t last long. A prominent Panthers player and team chaplain called Fox, concerned about his client’s unusual behavior and soiled clothes. The team cut ties.

Hall landed auditions with two Canadian Football League teams. Neither worked out.

During a CFL combine in Santa Monica, Hall arrived in a wrinkled gray suit, full beard and tousled hair. Other players wore workout clothes. He fished a resume out of his backpack. Extra clothes flew everywhere. Hall eventually changed out of the suit and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.8 or 4.9 seconds, almost a half-second slower than his usual time in college.

His words became garbled. He wore headphones to drown out the voices in his head. He refused to hug Tony Benson, a close uncle. He laughed for no reason. He shouted violent song lyrics. Each Facebook post sounded stranger than the one before.

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Hall is currently in jail on $1-million bail.

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