Report: Gordon Hayward Wrote Three Different Pieces for Players’ Tribune Because He Couldn’t Make Up His Mind

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When Gordon Hayward finally announced that he was signing with the Boston Celtics in The Players’ Tribune on Tuesday, he tried to blame all the confusion surrounding his decision on the media. It’s not that he was indecisive, you see. It’s that the stupid media jumped the gun! Hashtag fakenews. Hashtag makeamericagreatagain. Hashtag sad.

Well, it turns out that this story is probably true. The media probably did jump the gun a bit. However, Hayward is also partly to blame for making the process so drawn out.

In an interview with the Desert News on Wednesday, Hayward’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, explained that his client really wanted to break the news himself and explain his decision in his own words. However, because he was having such a hard time deciding between the Jazz, Heat, and Celtics, he and a ghostwriter actually wrote three different versions of his Players’ Tribune piece. Each piece was 90% complete by Monday night, and the idea was that once Hayward finally made up his mind on Tuesday, he and the ghostwriter would write the last 10% and hit publish.

Unfortunately, when you make the process that complicated, there’s bound to be a glitch. In this particular case, that glitch was ESPN’s Chris Haynes getting wind of Hayward’s decision before he could finish his Players’ Tribune article or even inform the Jazz of his decision to leave.


Of course, Bartelstein insists Hayward still hadn’t officially made up his mind when the news broke and the internet exploded. But it doesn’t really matter.

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