LaVar Ball Explains Why ‘ZO2’ Sneakers Are So Expensive & How In 10 Years He’ll Be Seen As A Genius


Over the past 8 or 9 months, LaVar Ball has been seen everywhere, from Chino Hills high school games, to UCLA games, ESPN, Fox Sports, and even an appearance on WWE Raw. It seems everyone wants a piece of LaVar Ball and it doesn’t matter how much people dislike him—he gets the ratings up and that’s all that matters.

Love him or hate him, people are still talking about him.

One thing that got people upset and talking about him was when he took to Twitter back in May and said this:


During a recent interview with Slam Online, Ball explained what he meant by that comment and how people will be calling him a genius in 10 years.

“When I said, “You’re not a big baller if you don’t buy these shoes,” it was about dedication, discipline and following your goals to earn enough to purchase something you want to own” as Lavar said via SLAM. “Ten years from now, people will look back and understand what I was saying. He goes on to state “Our family has put a lot of work into this movement. We’re happy with the quality of ZO2s.I would never put my own son in a shoe that’s going to put him at risk of getting hurt.”

If just one of the Ball boys elevates their game to superstar status and Big Baller Brand’s sales skyrocket, that genius tag will surely follow.

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